Comedy Lab: Sketch

Comedy Lab: Sketch

Saturdays (weekly), 10am-12.30

Age Range: 21-26

£125 (bursaries available)

I went from someone who’d never shown anybody else a sketch, to someone who managed to perform on stage in front of a whole load of people. Thank you!!

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Term 3 runs 13 May-8 July with a performance on 15 July.

Want to collaborate with other comedians to create work? Interested in sketch writing and performing?

Meeting weekly on Saturdays, our Sketch course helps you develop your sketch writing voice and performing skills. Interested in comedy but prefer working in a group? Want to write, feedback and create with others?

Thinking of applying? Why not come to our Comedy Lab sharings on Sat 18 March, tickets available here.

Our Comedy Labs run as 10 week courses, leading to a public sharing at the end of the term. We ask that participants commit to attending all 10 weeks.

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