Brave New World

nabokov presents

Brave New World

  • Sun 10 Jun, 6pm
  • £10

A night of theatrical innovation in the heart of the capital.

‘How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t.’ – The Tempest, William Shakespeare

In response to the Soho and Live Theatre’s visionary Utopia project, nabokov is challenging 4 companies of emerging artists to create their visions of the perfect world in just 7 days!

In a time of global crisis and uncertainty Brave New Worlds asks some of the UK’s hottest emerging talent to offer hope and a vision of a world worth striving for.

Team 1: Valentina Ceschi, Guoda Jaruseviciute, Kate Lane and Thomas Eccleshare

Team 2: Jake Brunger and Kirsty Patrick Ward

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