The Comedy Project

Ebdon Management and Rosalind Adler present

The Comedy Project

  • Mon 30 Mar, 8pm
  • £10

The Comedy Project returns to Soho for its 2015 season showcasing work hot off the press from established and rising writers.

Mon 9 Mar

Gardening Leave by Roisin Rae

A radio comedy about a work-loving business woman who is put on gardening leave. Unable to sit and do nothing, Maxine tries to fit in with those who don’t have a ‘9-5’.

The Backbenchers by Jacob Edwards

Essentially ‘Grange Hill’ set in the Houses of Parliament, focusing on a group of clueless junior MPs totally out of their depth in Westminster.

Mon 16 Mar

Comedy Haemorrhage by Jane Lamacraft and Will Barton

Stuff leaked from the brain of Jane Lamacraft (Regular Radio 4 comedy contributor) and Will Barton (The Theory of everything)…
“Shit on a stick” Michael Billington.

Women of an Uncertain Age by Flip Webster and Maggie Bourgein

Through sketches, song and hip hop, Flip and Maggie share coffee ice cream and what it’s like to be over 40…ish today. Are we too old for careers, sex and a banging social life? Who says?

Good Grief by Rachel Stubbings

Previewed at The Comedy Project in 2013, Good Grief has become an internationally screened short film. This is its new incarnation as a half-hour TV pilot.

Mon 23 Mar

David Ephgrave: Work in (Hope of) Progress.

The back end of Doggett & Ephgrave road-tests material from his forthcoming stand-up show. “David Ephgrave is as smooth as they come” (BBC).

Animals by Lou Sanders and Chris Stokes

Matt and Cara work for an animal charity (though for Cara it’s community service). Join this unlikely duo as they clear houses and cause chaos.

Mon 30 Mar

Home Again by Pippa Evans

After breaking up with her partner, Holly finds herself in need of accommodation, fast. With no room at her mother’s house, Holly moves in with her estranged father.

The Hub by Rosalind Adler

One street, one desanctified church, gutted and restyled as a ‘life-affirming spiritual hub’ (complete with wholefood café), three very different women drawn to its tantalising promise.