Set List

Set List

  • 27 - 31 January
  • Tickets £15

‘For anyone genuinely interested in comedy and comedians, this is the must-see show of the festival.’


A Whose Line Is It Anyway?-style challenge for stand-up comedy! Comedy pros are handed an original, never-before-seen set list of topics, partially written by the audience. From this they create spontaneous, original stand-up on the spot. Each new set list is projected onscreen, so the audience follows along and gets inside the minds of comedians to see how each crafts their own particular style of comedy right in the moment of creation. A playground for the comedy brain! Performances include Rich Hall, Jimmy Carr, Pajama Men, Richard Herring, Mark Watson, Paul Foot, Brendon Burns, Tony Law, with more names to be added.


31 January 9.45pm
Rich Hall, Jimmy Carr, Mark Watson, Paul Foot, Carl Donnelly, Matt Kirshen

Premium Table Seats
Reserve a prime location table for up to four people with a pitcher of beer or a bottle of wine, £80 per table: to book, please call our box office on 020 7478 0100

‘Set List lays bare the workings of comedy for all to see.’

Three Weeks

‘It’s extreme improv with nowhere for the terrified performers to hide.’


‘Set List is stand-up comedy that’s at the absolute cutting edge.’
Punchline Magazine