Roller Diner

Soho Theatre presents

Roller Diner

  • Fri 26 May – Sat 24 Jun 2017, 7pm
  • Soho Theatre
  • From £10

The 2015 Verity Bargate Award Winner by Stephen Jackson

Home of the full English Brexit

Welcome to Eddie Costello’s Roller Diner – a faded Brummie beacon of a deep fried American dream. The staff can’t skate and there’s a whiff of burnt sausages and disappointment.

So when new waitress Marika arrives from somewhere foreign looking for a slice of a better life, hearts are set alight in a fiery recipe of love, jealousy and murder.

A theatrical jukebox sizzling with songs, sexual tension and failed dreams… all served with extra ketchup.

Directed by Soho Theatre Artistic Director Steve Marmion, Roller Diner is the professional debut of Birmingham writer Stephen Jackson and the winner of Soho Theatre’s prestigious Verity Bargate Award for new writing.

A savage sweet musical comedy, it opens up the heart of middle England and the universal search for a place to call home.

Audio Described Performance
Wed 14 Jun at 7pm
Touch tour at 5.30pm

Captioned Performance
Thu 15 Jun at 7pm

Roller Diner Performances

Fri 26 May 7:00pm
Sat 27 May 7:00pm
Mon 29 May 7:00pm
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Sat 24 Jun 7:00pm

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