Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

  • Thu 1 & 22 Nov, 7 - 10pm
  • £30/£25 - Book both workshops for £50
Theatricality and the Space Between the Playwright and the Audience.
Led by Thomas Eccleshare

This November, Verity Bargate Award Winner and Pearson Playwright in Residence, Thomas Eccleshare, will lead a pair of intimate workshops drawing on his Lecoq training and extensive performance experience, which focus on types of theatricality and ways to inspire the audience’s imagination through the gap between things that are unseen and unsaid.

Over two exhilarating and playful sessions, participants will be introduced to a fresh set of creative processes – for example using image to inspire narrative, or allowing props to spark character rather than the other way round, even writing through and story-boarding rather than usual formats. Suitable for writers of any level – these sessions are a must for anyone looking to expand, invigorate and challenge their practice towards new ways of storytelling and an enhanced theatricality in their work.

Thomas Eccleshare trained at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris and last year won the Verity Bargate Award. He is the Pearson Writer in Residence at Soho Theatre.

Mind The Gap 1 – New Beginnings
1 Nov, 7-10pm
£30/ £25
This first workshop will look at how to stimulate the audience’s imagination through image and text, and how to use the following tools as alternative starting points for writing: objects, the body, place, space, dialogue or gesture.

Mind the Gap 2 – New Approaches
22 Nov, 7 – 10pm
£30/ £25
The second workshop will focus on new approaches to harnessing some of the tools identified in workshop one, investigating in the process: writing the image, character, form as theme.

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