Half Breed

Half Breed

  • By Tash Marshall
  • Thu 13 Oct 2016, 7pm
  • £15 (£12.50)

Shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon award 2016

I am that mixed raced kid, like 50/50, on the fence, Luke warm, in-between maybe. Trust me, around here i’m about as black as it goes…

Jazmin feels different.
She doesn’t want to stay in the village.
She doesn’t want to have a baby.
She doesn’t want to laugh at racist jokes in the local pub.
She’s got to get out.

A partly autobiographical dark comedy about finding your voice.

Written and performed by Natasha Marshall
Directed by Miranda Cromwell

Shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon award 2016
Developed with support through Talawa First

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Age Recommendation: 14+
Running Time: 60 mins

Part of Soho Rising, Autumn 2016

‘Powerful piece … marks Natasha Marshall and her director Miranda Cromwell as ones to watch.’

British Theatre Guide ★★★★

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