Catherine Bennett

Catherine Bennett

  • Sat 26 October, 12pm
  • £8 adults / £5 kids

Tuna pasta loving palaeontologist and popstar Catherine Bennett lands at Soho Theatre this October for a one-off secret music gig for kids!

She is bringing her wonderful dancing mummies, the miserable Figs in Wigs, some amazing artefacts and of course her 9-year-old manager Taylor.

Come down and hear songs about animals, friendship, the future and 2 brand new tunes never heard before… apart from in CB’s shower!

If you love dancing, being silly, learning about history AND are a human-being sick of the pop music role models currently available to you and your children… then Catherine Bennett is the fair trade alternative you have been looking for.

Wear your brightest clothes, get ready to fling yourself about and celebrate how stupendous the imagination is!

For ages 6-12

Read more on Catherine’s website or follow her on Twitter @realCB

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