Andy Zaltzman: 2017 – The Certifiable History

Avalon presents

Andy Zaltzman: 2017 – The Certifiable History

  • Mon 18 Dec - Sat 6 Jan 2017, 9.15pm
  • Soho Downstairs
  • From £13

‘Political comedy at its best.’
Sunday Times

Unarguable, definitive, and irrefutably indisputable.

Andy Zaltzman – anchor of the recently-reborn global-hit satirical podcast, The Bugle – gives his verdict on a year that will go down in history. As indeed, do all years. But 2017 will be written in unusually fluorescent ink, flecked with furious spittlings, and in the cranky handwriting of a volcanically stroppy planet.

Zaltzman, a Soho Theatre regular, Radio 4 irregular, and veteran of all 12 months of 2017, will attempt to bag and label an action-packed year in which the world – Britain and non-Britain alike – has barked furiously at its own reflection, punched itself angrily in the face, and taken several long, hard, tearful baths with itself.

Featuring the new and improved Equivocax SubtExtricator 6000P, a complimentary referendum, an app that will save and/or end democracy, and minor outbreaks of cricket.

Age Recommendation: 16+
Running Time: 60mins

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‘Political comedy at its best.’
Sunday Times

‘Fiendishly sharp satirist.’
Evening Standard