Andy Parsons: Slacktivist Action Group

Off The Kerb Presents

Andy Parsons: Slacktivist Action Group

  • Mondays 27 Nov and 18 Dec 2017 & 29 Jan 2018, 7.30pm
  • Soho Downstairs
  • From £10

An MP, a journalist and a stand-up walk into a bar – and there’s an audience there…

Ever been so fed up with the world that you’ve been unable to do anything but sit on your arse and do sod all about it? Then come and join the support group for fellow slacktivists and do some more sitting on your arse this time in a group.

Three guests talk passionately about what is currently getting them fired up and hopefully some of that energy rubs off, so that we think about getting off our arses at some point in the future – at least to go to the bar upstairs afterwards. Hosted by Andy Parsons.


Mon 27 Nov
Clive Lewis MP, Catherine Conway (Founder of Unpackaged) & Dominic Holland

Mon Dec 18
Lucy Powell MP, Telegraph columnist Michael Deacon & Richard Herring

Mon Jan 29
David Lammy MP, Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore & Josh Widdicombe

Running Time: Approx 60mins
Age Recommendation: 16+

Details of each month’s guests, topic, direct action and where to post amusing apologies for absence will be available at

Live Podcast recording available via Acast

Andy Parsons: Slacktivist Action Group Performances

Mon 18 Dec 7:30pm
Mon 29 Jan 7:30pm