Alfie Moore: I Predicted a Riot

Alfie Moore: I Predicted a Riot

  • Mon 7 Jan, 8pm
  • £10

‘Fascinating and funny.’ Chortle

‘Gloriously, life enhancingly funny stuff.’ ★★★★ Scotsman

‘Brilliantly funny show about policing.’ David Mitchell

In 18 years Police Sergeant Alfie Moore has seen it all. Investigated everything from milk bottle theft to murders……. Still serving, still laughing!

Featuring a cast of thousands from Romans to students. Serving cop Alfie highlights his favourite riots throughout history and shares his view there’s more to come.

With an irrepressible nature for storytelling and an everyman likeability, Alfie is the bobby on the beat you never had. Alfie recounts the continually bizarre but always humorous experiences of a modern copper; be it the time he encountered a severed head, but by law was not allowed to pronounce it dead, or the nonsensical realities of working in a squad tied up and hen pecked by bureaucracy.

‘A very funny show… lots of well-crafted jokes and a large dash of gallows police humour.’ Telegraph

‘Wry observations about Britain’s increasingly privatised police forces and lots of dark police humour. This is a strikingly original and welcome show.’ ★★★★ Telegraph

‘His best moments are his most candid… he‘s skilled with a fresh perspective.’ Times

‘Moore is a master raconteur.’ Fest

‘My favourite (Edinburgh Festival show) was Alfie Moore’s brilliantly funny show about policing. It’s genuinely funny and it’s about something. Do catch it!’ David Mitchell

‘I loved and laughed most at Alfie Moore… absolutely go.’ Victoria Coren