Soho Theatre's Green Team face their latest challenge

Mon 29 June 2015


Soho Theatre’s recent co-production with Theatre Royal Bath brought an intriguing challenge to the Green Team . The play – The Harvest, written by Pavel Pryazhko and directed by Sir Michael Boyd – is set in an orchard, and the stage is an extraordinary rig of green apples, strung up on individual threads for the actors to pick throughout the performance.

The production got through 50 – 70 Bramley apples a day, and here’s how the Green Team made sure they weren’t wasted:

Two Green Team members lugged suitcases home to compost the apples in their gardens. However, due to the acidic quality of the apples, this could not provide the only solution.

Police Horses
Members of the Soho Theatre Office team took a number of apples down to Great Scotland Yard stables, just a 15 minute walk from the theatre. The Mounted Police introduced us to the horses, including Grace, who let the procession at the Royal Wedding. Again, the horses were unable to take the majority of the apples as the acid in them was somewhat disagreeable in large quantities.

Vauxhall City Farm
Lots of apples went to Vauxhall City Farm for the goats, pigs and horses there. Staff gave up their own time to stop off with wheelie suitcases on their way home from work.

FanShen Theatre Company
After posting about the apples on twitter, and linking to our posting on Set Exchange, FanShen Theatre Company got in touch about their production of The Apple Cart. They came along and took a huge rucksack of apples to use in their show, which toured sustainably around fetes and festivals in the south.

Soho Theatre are committed to providing green and sustainable solutions to the many challenges that face them as an busy, central London arts venue. To find out more about Soho Theatre’s work in this area and to view the latest Sustainability Policy Action Plan, please visit our webpage

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