Soho Theatre Meets... Yolanda Mercy #SohoRising

Wed 9 March 2016

We had a chat with Yolanda Mercy about her Soho Rising show On The Edge of Me.

What’s your name and what brings you to Soho Theatre?
My name is Yolanda Mercy, and I am performing in my solo dark comedy On The Edge of Me – which I have written… Plus I’m leading a super fun workshop on how to create a solo performance... I’m So excited.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in London, and Norwich (at points in my life). But my grandparents were born in Nigeria – so I’m Nienglish… I made up the word.

McDonald’s or Burger King?
Ohh that’s hard… Can I be cheeky and say McDonald’s in the UK ‘cause the filet o fish is the one!!! But then Burger King in the U.S. Cause the whooper is everything.

So, what’s so special about your show?
Well where can you watch a relatable show, get involved and also hear about real life issues? On The Edge of Me is a dark comedy. I talk about real issues that effect young people like unemployment, post-uni life, anxiety, love and relationships… It’s inspired by real stories and real experiences, and is genuinely funny… Or at least that’s what people have said.

How did the idea of the show come about?
To be honest, talking to people. I started telling my friends about my issues, they related to it. I did a scratch of it at BAC years ago – people loved it. Then did it at Rich Mix… And now I’m here :)

Where are you taking your show after here?
After Soho Theatre we go to Wandsworth Fringe, Chorlton Festival, Off Beat Festival, Wolverhampton Arena and more tbc.

Catch On The Edge of Me on Mon 21 Mar! #SohoRising

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