Getting To Know... Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Fri 25 January 2013

How did you become a writer?

I wrote a show so that myself and my friend could perform something. It was mostly because at the time I wanted to be an actor. That friend became my double act partner (Katie Lyons) and after many years of shows together I eventually realised I didn’t enjoy the acting as much as the writing and focussed on that.

What are your biggest influences?

I’m going to go the cheesy route with this and say family and friends. Of course I read lots and watch lots and doing so inspires me but in terms of influences I look to the people around me – particularly the ones who make me laugh. They are both my most generous and harshest audience. If I please them then I’m happy.

What is the most difficult thing about writing?

The actual sitting down and getting down to it. When I have to write I am the queen of procrastination. You can always tell when I have a script deadline coming up because my house is spotless and I’ve done something like alphabetised my spice rack. Once I’m actually in the middle of writing I love it and I do the classic “why the hell didn’t I start earlier?” chat with myself and then panic-write to the very last second of the deadline.

What is your favourite thing about being a writer?

Having written. Nothing better than that final full stop on your final draft. Utter bliss. And then, of course, getting into the rehearsal room and seeing it jumping off the page and following that ; in front of an audience. That’s why we write. Not to sit in a room on our own still wearing yesterdays clothes, eating Ainsley Harriot cup-a-soups and crying salty tears of self-indulgence onto our keyboards. * *possibly over sharing a tad. Might stop typing now.

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